Superior Decorative Light Covers & Sky Panels for Home and Commercial Installations

​​​Enhance the practical benefits of your fluorescent and LED lighting with the artistic and stylish visual qualities of decorative lighting diffusers. Fluorescent Gallery decorative light panels are a high-quality acrylic upgrade for overhead lighting. Our fluorescent ceiling light covers nicely soften the light and significantly contribute to any establishment’s overall style, including homes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, salons, hotels, offices, conference rooms, and more.

Do you desire decorative covers for fluorescent light fixtures in your home, a large sky ceiling image, or a hotel lighting upgrade? We can provide a creative, decorative solution to produce the most attractive aftermarket LED and fluorescent lighting improvements. Each of your fluorescent or LED light panels is a blank canvas and a backlit one, beckoning for an artistic image to provide some flair.

There is a wide range of product quality on the market. Before making your purchasing decision, you should read our What Makes a Quality Decorative Light Panel discussion to get you up to speed.

  • Upgrading your fluorescent light covers to something decorative is simple. We are capable of producing LED and fluorescent light covers for ceiling lights in various non-standard sizes.
  • Our light panels diffuse the excess lumens produced by super bright LEDs and fluorescent lighting, reducing eye strain and creating a comfortable work or home environment.
  • If you’ve ordered a custom size, our light panel artwork is modified for a perfect fit rather than stretched or cropped.
  • For our 200+ unique artistic designs, we produce decorative panels using the highest-quality acrylic available for lighting applications. The silky matte finish on this carefully selected acrylic provides the perfect canvas for our high-resolution artwork. Your investment is long-term since our lenses will last years without discoloring or becoming brittle.
  • When your new light panels arrive, you will have perfectly centered artwork in your specific fixture or suspended ceiling lighting arrangement.

Our ultra large-format photographs from the photographer Jim Tarpo, are some of the highest-resolution images available anywhere for print. You have not seen landscape wallpaper until you’ve seen one produced from a several hundred megapixel photograph.  You can order such a print as a wallpaper mural, on acrylic panels for a lightbox, or even fabric for print applications involving extraordinarily large backlit displays.